Giants safety suggests anyone could coach this Eagles roster to the Super Bowl

The Philadelphia Eagles have been an extremely good football team this season. They had the best record in the NFC during the regular season, they won the NFC Championship game by 1,000 points (no fact check), and they have numerous players on All-Pro teams and as finalists for end-of-season awards.

That must be at least a little bit down to the man who coaches the team…right?

Well, if you were New York Giants safety Julian Love, you would NOT “hand” it to Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni under these or any circumstances. Love appeared on the Thursday morning edition of Good Morning Football on NFL Network and was asked about Sirianni’s coaching style. You can see Love’s flippant response about the coach who will be coaching in the Super Bowl, in case you forgot, in the clip below.

“He’s a guy who does really well because he doesn’t get in the way of his team. He’s got an experienced roster, uh, head to toe in attack [and] defense,” Love said after beginning his answer with a grin.

Love is then interrupted by one of the show’s hosts, as a clip of Sirianni throwing up on camera plays, to ask if he, as an NFL player, would like to see that from a coach. ‘I do not like it. I don’t like it all,” Love notes.

“He’s got a free ride now, you guys could coach this team,” Love concludes gesturing to the hosts, as everyone on set devolves into laughter and arguments over the fact that this is “bulkboard material” and Love isn’t signing with the birds ever.

I mean… everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but it’s pretty wild how the narrative this season has shifted from “the Eagles got lucky and had an easy schedule” to “literally everyone on the planet would have made this team go to the Super can coach”. Come with their eyes closed.” Whatever the reason for Philadelphia’s success this season, I hope Love enjoys watching the game from his bench as Sirianni tries to win a trophy on the field in Arizona.

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