“If I wore that in public, people would call the police”

The “micro bikini” from Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS collection is taking a big hit on TikTok this week, after a woman brilliantly illustrated just how impossibly small he really is.

According to the post from TikTok user @bbysarita, the barely there bikini set leaves little to the imagination — and might as well be like walking naked on the beach.

“If you’ve looked at the SKIMS micro bikini and wondered what the size is, these are tortilla chips for scale,” she says in the now-viral TikTok.

As @bbsarita steps out of the frame, you can clearly see she’s strategically placed three tortilla chips on top of the bikini — one on each bust cup and one on the almost microscopic piece of material meant to cover your lady bits. In any case, the chip appears to cover all of the tissue provided – with almost nothing left.

The visual impact is quite stunning, which is why TikTokers can’t stop commenting on the post since it was first shared on January 22. So do women, who seem to respond with a collective eye roll.

Most are a mixture of annoyed and amused by the whole thing.

“Is it made for an American Girl doll?” asked another person.

“I’m a DDD cup,” said one woman. “If I wore that in public, people would call the police.”

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