Eating protein first thing in the morning aids weight loss, experts say

Eating enough protein is essential. Not only does it make you feel full, but it also supports a number of bodily functions that keep your body working and feeling its best. As you age, protein becomes even more important. Some foods are richer in protein than others, and with life so busy these days, it’s important to follow a diet that maximizes your benefit. What’s the best protein to eat, especially as you age? We asked Carrie Bonfitto, author of What to cook, why to eat it, exactly what proteins you should be eating to maintain your long-term health.

Eat your protein first thing in the morning

You’ve probably heard that eating protein is necessary to stay full between meals. But protein has more benefits than that! If you don’t get enough of it, it can lead to a lot of problems. “The main concern with not getting enough protein is that your body will start breaking down your muscle to get the protein it needs for important functions like wound healing and cell regeneration,” says Bonfitto. “Reduced muscle mass can then lead to problems with balance, lowered metabolism and fatigue.” It’s especially important to eat protein first thing in the morning – since breakfast sets the tone for the whole day, eating a nutritious breakfast is the key to sustained energy all day long!

While it’s not necessarily important what foods you eat, Bonfitto has some suggestions, especially if you’re struggling to eat enough protein throughout the day. Working with high protein additives in your cooking is a great way to increase your protein intake. One of Bonfitto’s favorites is hemp seeds. “Adding hemp seeds is my favorite way to get plant-based protein. Three tablespoons of hemp seeds provide about 10 grams of protein. You can sprinkle them on things, mix them into avocado puree, or use them as a grain substitute in combination with a few nuts and some fruit ‘, she says.

If you’re not limited to plant-based options, Bonfitto has a few other favorites that make good snacks. “One egg contains about 6 grams of protein, so they can be a good option. Kefir is a yogurt drink that packs 11 grams into one cup and is easy to find with the yogurt in most supermarkets,” says Bonfitto.

Eating a balanced diet rich in a variety of protein sources is important for sustained energy throughout the day, a healthy metabolism and strong muscles. It doesn’t have to be impossible to find protein sources either, you can get creative by incorporating protein into your diet – from hemp seeds to yogurt, it’s important to include protein not only in your meals, but also in your snacks, so that you feel good. your best in the long run.

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