Pisces Horoscope for February 2023

Your February horoscope for Pisces

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You are approaching your birthday and your growing maturity, balance under pressure and common sense impress those around you. You are ready for more responsibility and to strive for a new important life goal. The opportunity will soon present itself and it is your choice to seize it or choose another one. Saturn, the planet of the great teacher, is on its way to Pisces to arrive on March 7, 2023, and will remain there until February 13, 2026. After that, Saturn will not be back to teach your lesson until April 16, 2052, 29 years from now. to give .

Think of Saturn as an expensive teacher whose job it is to work closely with you to teach you how to tackle bigger goals and bring out the best qualities in you. We get a maximum of three visits from Saturn in our lifetime when we turn about 91. I don’t know where in the Saturn cycle you entered life, but three visits is the most you can ever get. Every time Saturn moves into your sign, it marks an important time in your life.

If your birthday falls between February 19 and February 26, feel Saturn in 2023. (Saturn moves slowly, reaching only 7 degrees of a possible 29 degrees 59 minutes, reflecting the full scope of your sign’s degrees.) birthday falls later then those February dates, you will feel Saturn in 2024 or 2025. You probably wouldn’t feel Saturn’s presence all the time Saturn is in Pisces, only when Saturn is overhead (that is, traveling through the degrees of your birthday Sun or rising sign, or touches a planet or your birth moon in your birth chart).

This month, the new moon in Pisces, 1 degree, on February 19 will make you think about the goal you want to tackle. It could be to take a more responsible job or even start your own business. There are many possibilities: you can decide to buy a house, get married, have a baby or write and publish your first book. You can generate the opportunity yourself or you will be presented with it – either way, you will know immediately that you want to follow up on the idea. You would work hard with Saturn, but the results could change your life for the better, and that claim is no exaggeration. The rewards you get under Saturn are the ones you’ll keep forever, and you can build on your achievement. In other words, your winnings will not be fleeting.

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